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"We research, write and
record, so you stand out and
callers remember"

Faulconer Productions

On Hold For You creates and tells your story. Our scripts are original, unique and work with your existing marketing which increases ROI.

No cookie cutter messaging.


We script about what makes your business special, so callers want to listen.

And that helps reduce workload and stress,

keeping you connected to your callers.

We create an On Hold For You program that works for you and your budget.


It takes research, writing skills and an ability to balance dialogue with music to create the perfect On Hold For You Program to showcase your business.


We use professional writers, voice talent and produce each program at Cakemix Recording Studio, a division of Faulconer Productions. 


What you receive is quality custom programming at competitive pricing.


Take our information and pricing to your next meeting and discuss the benefits of On Hold For You


"Messaging specific to your business"

On Hold For You can create the perfect custom marketing program for you callers on hold.  We service marketing for doctors, marketing for dentists and marketing for business professionals and retail marketing.

Build trust with your patients with on hold marketing and give them information about you and your practice.  Staying connected with patients by ordering On Hold For You caller programming, Patients learn about you, your staff and your practice and establish trust with the very first call.

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